12 of the most amazing sculptures from around the world

You have probably seen most of the traditional monuments and statues at almost any place around the world. But, you might be surprised at these sculptures which seem to have departed from convention. Below is a collection of some of the most impressive sculptures that include Heading Shark in Britain, The Unknown Bureaucrat in Iceland, and Bureaucratic Themis in Denmark to The Travelers in France. The first sculpture is a falling shark with its head getting stuck inside the house’s roof. It looks somewhat weird, but the true meaning behind this sculpture is much greater than one can see at the very first sight. In fact, this sculpture depicts the deadly lethal weapon falling from the sky during the nuclear attack on Nagasaki at the end of World War II. The second one might be even more interesting, though. This sculpture is called the “Unknown Bureaucrat”, and it was made in 1994 by Iceland artist and sculpture Magnus Tomasson. If you want to see more of these amazing sculptures, make sure to keep on reading and look for the most unusual one now! (h/t: brightside)

1. Headington Shark, Oxford, Britain

Image source: pinimg

2. The Unknown Bureaucrat, Iceland

Image source: flickr

3. Bureaucratic Themis, Denmark

Image source: flickr

4. De Vaartkapoen in Brussels, Belgium

Image source: panoramio

5. Knotted gun sculpture in New York City

Image source: pinimg

6. Memorial to a computer technician, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Image source: pinimg

7. Memorial to Nelson Mandela, South Africa

Image source: marcocianfanelli

8. Monument to Sigmund Freud, Prague, Czech Republic

Image source: civicartsproject

9. People by the River, Singapore

Image source: pinimg

10. Statue of Franz Kafka, Prague, Czech Republic

Image source: pinimg

11. The Mustangs of Las Colinas, Texas, USA

Image source: wikipedia

12. The Travellers, Marseilles, France

Image source: brunocatalano