21 Remarkable pieces of street art from around the world

We all know that street art is only a kind of artwork that is publicly displayed on the surrounding buildings or streets, and probably think that it might not be as a serious job as others’. But, these artists really know how to transform a common brick wall into a door leading to another dimension. Want to see more of these amazing street artworks, just scroll down the page. Source: brightside

1. Anderlecht, Belgium

Photo Credit: Smates

2. Assago, Italy

Photo Credit: NEVERCREW

3. Bali, Indonesia

Photo Credit: Arte y muros

4. Bergen, Norway

Photo Credit: afk_artworks

5. Berlin, Germany

Photo Credit: Molekuele

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo Credit: martinronmural

7. California, USA

Photo Credit: John Pugh

8. California, USA

Photo Credit: Mark Schneider Fine Jewelry

9. Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico

Photo Credit: John Pugh

10. Esteli, Nicaragua

Photo Credit: XAV

11. Grenoble, France

Photo Credit: NEVERCREW

12. Hamburg, Germany

Photo Credit: tenten (1010)

13. Los Angeles, USA

Photo Credit: astro

14. Lucerne, Switzerland

Photo Credit: NEVERCREW

15. Montréal, Canada

Photo Credit: Seth Globepainter

16. Portugal

Photo Credit: Odeith

17. San Pablo del Monte, Mexico

Photo Credit: Hesiucka Jolubacku

18. Spain

Photo Credit: tetiroelcuento/twitter

19. St. Petersburg, Russia

Photo Credit: Muzei strit-arta

20. Switzerland

Photo Credit: Felice Varini

21. Washington DC, USA

Photo Credit: Douglas Hoekzema (hoxxoh)