11 tips on how to lose fat and build muscle

Working out alone will not certainly help you achieve exactly what you want. It has to do with times that you’ll need the right strategies to get a muscle body. A healthy body is something that every one wish to have. To get rid of all the added fat from the body is the first step that you need to consider. The below post provides you some information about 11 tips on how to lose fat fast and build muscle. More info: buzzfeed

1. First, you need to make sure you’re eating enough. / Via
2. Know that cardio is not the holy grail of getting lean. / Via

3. That being said. Don’t lift just any weights.

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4. Longer workouts are not necessarily better.

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5. You may not be doing your workouts in the right order.

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6. You might have plateaued with your workout routine.

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7. Make sure to eat before you work out. / Via

8. And make sure you’re getting enough protein after.

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9. Muscle definition depends largely on how you’re eating.

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10. You’re working out too much and/or not sleeping enough.

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11. You’re eating WAY more calories than you’ve burned.

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