3D art at girlfriend’s body

Natasha Farnsworth is a ‘starving’ artist with a unique passion of making his 3 dimensional creations on the back of his girlfriend’s body. The Arizona born artist who has no clue about his goals in his life was very much fond of doing naughty things. Being a classic teenager, he was a school dropout for a portion of a year, and at last he found a way to eliminate his boredom by making sketches with simple methods using pen and pad of paper. The idea of doing his painting works has come later when he’s trying to spend some relaxing time with his girlfriend and has shown his talent by using the acrylic paints 3D sketches at the back of his girlfriend.

More info: EtsyInstagram | h/t: boredpanda

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 1a

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 2a

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 3a

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 4a

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 5a

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 6a

3d-art-on-my-girlfriends-back 7a