Walking sculptures through wind

Netherlands’ artist Theo Jansen seems to be a history maker through his creations. According to him, he has made his ‘skeletons’ like structure by using yellow cylindrical and plastic tubes of giant size and makes it move through wind power. He has made these innovative and awful animals to have their own lives at the beach. Undoubtedly, these creative, sophisticated and giant sized structures are able to walk around the beach with the pressure exerted by the wind. The website link shown above offers incredible images of this unique innovation. Who knows! One day the giant structure can even fly in the skies.

More info: / h/t: boredpanda

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 1a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 2a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 3a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 4a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 5a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 6a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 7a

sculptures-that-walk-on-the-wind 8a