The Disney princess characters have been brought to life in beautiful photographs with real women

The California-based photographer and Disney character artist, Ryan Astamendi who has spent 18 years working as a character artist for the Walt Disney Company, has created amazing real-life versions of Disney princesses. He grew up in Burbank, California, and he was so lucky to have been taught by a few of Disney’s artists. He then continued to study at CalArts, majored in Character Animation. From that platform, he has started the photography project, called “the Princess Series”, shooting real-life versions of his favorite princesses one by one. The two main factors to bring success for his work are ‘a great costume’ and ‘a great model’, said Ryan Astamendi. Below here are some of the photographs from his work.


You can check out more on Ryan Astamendi’s work on his blog:, or visit his website:

1. Jasmine from Aladdin

princess 1, Aladdin, Jasmine

2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Princess 2, Beauty and the Beast's Belle,

3. Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty

Princess 3, Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty

4. Snow White

Princess 4, Snow White

5. Jessica Rabbit

Princess 5, Jessica Rabbit

6. Rapunzel in Tangled

Princess 6, Rapunzel in Tangled

7. Pocahontas

Princess 7, Pocahontas

Photos credit: Ryan Astamendi  | Source: dailymail