8 Stunning trees that seem to have come from another world

If we take a look at the landscapes around us, we will realize that they look really amazing with breathtaking views with the presence of mountains and trees. These can help us release the stresses and strains of the job. Some trees are very amazing and beautiful as if they come from another world.  Below are the collections of 8 of the most breathtaking and amazing trees in the world.

1. A mushroom-shaped tree

tree 1
Image Credit: pinterest

2. A tree in Ficus, Philippines

tree 2
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3. The baobab trees of Madagascar

tree 3
Image credit: © Marsel Van Oosten

4. Cypress trees, Caddo Lake

tree 4

5. Wisteria trees in Japan

6. Bottle trees of Socotra Island

7. A Japanese maple tree

8. Bristlecone pine, the oldest trees on Earth