Artist transforms dreams into surreal paintings

The web page displays images of 11 amazing paintings by artist Erica Wexler. All of these paintings have their connection with what one sees in dreams. According to Erica, she has developed the paintings of dreamy disposition combining colors. She further describes her unique style of painting as a combination of abstract, realism and surrealism. She utilized wood panel and slabs as canvass for painting the fascinating ideas about the beauty and strength in women. The series of paintings displayed on the page contains some under water paintings along with the natural form of her alternate universe.

Wexler 1

Wexler 2

Wexler 4

Wexler 5

Wexler 6

Wexler 7

Wexler 8

Wexler 9

Wexler 10

Wexler 11

Wexler 3

Erica Wexler: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Society6 | h/t: mymodernmet