Tobias Strebel –A Replica of famous Justin Bieber is found missing

Justin Bieber look-alike Tobias Strebel is reported to be missing from the West Hollywood. Being crazy, Tobias has spent $1, 00,000 on plastic surgery to resemble like the popular pop star Justin Bieber. He is reported to be missing from August 18 according to ABS 7. He was last seen in West Hollywood and could be driving a Toyota Camry as indicated by the police. Undoubtedly, Strebel’s friends are worried about his whereabouts. One of his friends, Mel Espinoza, has said in station, “It is very strange from Strebel and has no reason to be missing”. However the LA Police Dept has ruled out the case for a Critical Missing, as Strebel is not a minor and not suffering from any medical condition.