Smart egret makes a hitch ride on an alligator

What an amazing travel or ride by an egret hitches a great ride on an alligator. Is the long necked bird is really brave or stupid to have a hitch ride on the back of a huge alligator? This unique scene was captured at the famous Gatorland, a theme park in Orlando, Florida. Marco Wagner, who has captures this unique scene has remarked that nobody has ever seen, an egret and an alligator cooperate in this fashion. According to him the bird assumed the alligator was a free floating log and he still wonders if they were just buddies. Of course both have enjoyed their moments.

Main-SneakyEgret 2
Image Credits: Hotspot media

Main-SneakyEgret 3
Image Credits:David Sanger

Main-SneakyEgret 4
Image Credits: Hotspot media

(h/t: mirror)