Relatives of girl buried alive succeeds in forcing the coffin open but fail to save her

A Footage revealed mournful family members forcing through the tomb of concrete, which is the place from they heard Neysi Perez, aged 16, “banging and yelling”. Family members who took out the corpse of the girl saw that glass window on the coffin had been shattered, and her finger tips had been bruised. The members of her family could not get there in time to save the 16-year-old who died for a second time in spite of their efforts. Medics had not found any indications of life after checking her for a second time and returned her to the burial ground for being reburied. One day following her funeral, the husband of Neysi Perez, Rudy Gonzales happened to visit her grave and heard knocking and muted yells emerging from the concrete tomb, and he raises the alarm.