He charms the deadliest snakes with his bare hands

Rescuing over 30000 snakes including 12 King cobras, 7,000 Indian cobras, 1,600 to 1,700 vipers and 150 kraits so far, Vava Suresh has earned the title Snake Man. People of Kerala in India always take his help for safely removing a snake from their homes. Even as a child he fell in love with snakes and rescued a snake first when he was only 12. Besides rescuing snakes with his bare hands and releasing them in the wild, Suresh also preserves eggs of the snakes till hatching and works for creating awareness among people about snakes.

Vava-Suresh 3

Photo: The Kathmandu Post

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Photo: Byniamin S

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Photo: C. Rateesh Kumar/The Hindu

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Photo: Squamates

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Photo: C. Rateesh Kumar/The Hindu

Source: odditycentral