Choon Tan, the smallest Bodybuilder in UK at a mere 4 ft 10in, gained weight to get back at the bullies

Choon Tan, The smallest Bodybuilder in UK, stands at a mere 4ft 10in. This diminutive bodybuilder, who is aged 21, suffers from a hereditary birth shortcoming that affects the development of bones and hindered his growth. He had to endure years of bullying and teasing because of his slender frame. Thus Choon made his mind up that even he was unable to do anything about his height had the option of changing his body in a different way, which is by gaining weight. According to a statement he made to Metro I had the feeling that I was not as normal as everybody else and was the subject of bullying and tormenting as a result of this. Though those times of my life were definitely the worst times it encouraged me to start the unbelievable eye-opening voyage.



Images Credit: Facebook/Choon Tan | H/T: mirror