A batch of UK scientists going all out to uncover alien existence on the red planet before NASA

The European Space group is planning to send over the ExoMars Rover for hunting aliens on Mars, the Red Planet, in the year of 2018,a  couple of years ahead of Nasa 2020 Rover. Scientists currently think that life is present on Mars at present following the discovery of cosmetic rivers & waterfalls on this planet by NASA. Dr Lewis Dartnell, who is a UK Space group research fellow, is working on devising laser eyes to be used on the ESA rover. In a statement made to Daily Star Online he says that the hope is to reach Mars ahead of 2020 so that a European can discover something on the red planet Nasa.

mars-life-water 1

Image Credit: ESA/GETTY

mars-life-water 2

Image Credit: ESA

mars-life-water 3

Image Credit: NASA

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Image Credit: LEWIS DARTNELL | H/T: dailystar