8 amazing swimming holes in America

Taking a dip in a swimming hole is one of the most exciting things you can do and there is nothing better than experiencing a dip in these swimming holes and diving into the unknown. Some of them might be really scary but we can assure you that they are completely safe and can provide you a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most importantly, these iconic spots can be enjoyed even when it’s not summer! No matter how the weather conditions are these swimming holes are always bubbling with an aura of the unknown. (h/t: wherecoolthingshappen)

1. Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, Texas


Images credit: paddymurphy / Carlf Griffin

2. Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, Texas

Image credits: chris-warren-photos

3. Madison Blue Springs State Park in Lee, Florida

Image credits: systemslibrarian

4. Havasu Falls in Supai, Arizona

Image credits: David Crowther / Getty Images

5. Cummins Falls in Jackson County, Tennessee

Image credits: beginasyouare

6. Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma

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Image credits: simmons_tx

7. Blue Hole in Wimberley, Texas

Image credits: manueb

8. Sliding Rock in Asheville, North Carolina

Image credits: smithereen