Out-Of-The-Ordinary-Places You Will Have To Discover On Your Own

Not many words are needed where the context explains it better on its own. The below photos are a collection of beauty so much out of the ordinary that it is hard to describe in words.

The way to understand such beauty is to experience it firsthand. This can happen by physically going to places like that and/ or using your imagination. But it does seem that reality actually supersedes imagination at times…. (which is NOT to say you should not use your imagination, of course! You SHOULD indeed.) Have a look at the following 14 photos and let your imagination carry you away for a while. Just remember, there is no journey imagination can undertake that cannot happen in real life also. Miracles are a most natural part of human life. Judge for yourselves, and do let me know whether I am right or not. Tell me, what places would you love to visit? What wonder appeals to you? Then tell me why. Right here! In the comments section.

1. Las Grutas de Tolantogo, Mexico

Image Credit: mexicodestinos

2. Panjin, China

Image Credit: Nature Spirits / facebook

3. Las Colorados, Mexico

Image Credit: / facebook

4. Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Image Credit: Tony Lagarto / facebook

5. Fiordland, New Zeland

Image Credit: I love New Zealand / facebook

6. Kayakoy in Turkey

Image Credit: Deserted Places / facebook

7. La Rinconada, Peru

Image Credit: Geelaman Khawreen / facebook

8. Playa de Gulpiyuri, Spain

Image Credit: When on Earth / facebook

9. Positano, Italy

Image Credit: Amazing Places To Visit / facebook

10. São Miguel, Portugal

Image Credit: Gay-Marie Bradshaw / facebook

11. Svnafellsjkull Crystal Cave, Iceland

Image Credit: feel-planet

12. Tepuy Roraima, Venezuela

Image Credit: patataas / imgur

13. Abandoned Fishing Village in China

Image Credit: Xie Yixuan

14. The Initiation Well in Portugal

Image Credit: Ольга Гайдай / facebook


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