12 Celebs Whose Appearance Changed For The Better With Plastic Surgery

Now and again, in fact quite often, news reaches us concerning plastic surgeries with disastrous results. But that happen to be just one side of the story. The opposite can be true as well. In this section, we would like to present you with 12 celebs whose appearance actually improved rather than worsened after having subjected themselves to the knife.

If you are sitting there wondering why a particular celeb is not on our list, do get up and shoot away in our comments section! Ready, set, go! Source: rebelcircus

1. Jennifer Lopez

Take Jennifer Lopez as an example. She, along with most other celebs, tries to get around the fact that she ever underwent surgery. Who is she trying to fool? Before Kim Kardashian, Lopez was known to possess a most well-rounded body. But rumors lurk, and stories circulate about how much work she has been able to do. Still, the actress and singer deny all rumors and accusations. Are we to believe her? Well…sort of, perhaps! Sure enough, her bum may not have undergone surgery but other parts of her body definitely have. Botox and chin work cannot be entirely alien to her. Come on, Jenny! Speak the truth!

2. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is yet another example. Fox delights in claiming that she never had her lips filled up, Botox , cheek augmentations or any other kind of beautifying alteration – but do not we all know the truth of the matter? Her no-wrinkle and smooth skin is turning all around her dark green with envy. But no, she never had close-up encounter with a knife or a syringe? Come on, Meggie! Where do you go to have this done?

3. Ashlee Simpson

4. Ashley Tisdale

5. Blake Lively

6. Bristol Palin

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

8. Jennifer Aniston

9. Kate Hudson

10. Kelly Osbourne

11. Lady Gaga

12. Scarlett Johansson

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