Come See! 12 Beaches Of Amazing Beauty You MUST, MUST, MUST Experience In Your Life!

In case you belong to the group of people who forever desires to don the swimsuit or the trunks and let your body sink into a wet caress in a secluded spot where natural beauty is your companion, you need to continue reading!

1. Playa del Amor, Mexico

La Playa del Amor…..Lovers’ Beach….is an obvious choice. It can be heard but is not presenting itself to the world visually. It has to be discovered first as it is hidden to the eye. It is but a stone’s throw away from the uninhabited Marietas Islands. Not more than a few tourists are in a position to reach this wondrous place so full of stunning beauty, and as it is on its own, so to speak, and hidden to the ordinary eye, it makes for a haven for those seeking a moment, or many, on their own. A Lovers’ Paradise indeed!

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2. Pink Sands, Bahamas

Another example on the same note is Harbour Island. It is located in the Bahamas. The sand there is pink due to little particles of the foraminifera shells which one celled organisms are thriving on the bottom of the reef, under rocks, and in the caves of the coastal floor.

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3. Bottom Bay, Barbados

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4. Glass Beach, California, USA

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5. Grace Bay

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6. Hyams Beach, Australia

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7. Ipanema, Brazil

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8. Maho Beach, Saint Martin

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9. Navagio Beach, Greece

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10. Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

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11. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

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12. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

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