Side-splitting Cumbersome Animal Stills Turned into Sculptures – have a peek at the works of this Japanese artist!

If crazes are not loved on the internet, they are not loved anywhere! This goes for humans as well as for our four-legged co-Earthlings who, in moments of unintended hilarious poses, turn into living embodiments of challenges to the limits of reality such as it is commonly known and accepted by most of us. You and everyone around you surely have tried to scroll through your social media timelines and notifications just to find yourself gawking at an image gone viral that makes you scratch your head in amazement and ask: Is this real? Is this for real? Really?

The gifted Japanese artist and modeling aficionado alias “Meetissai,” made up his mind and decided to eliminate the impossibility of said images by giving birth to a parallel image. He began dedicating his free time to the creation of extraordinary and realistic sculptures he would stumble upon in the dark and not frequently explored depths of the internal. He re-makes photos of famous animals found there, photos that are of great comical value. Go have a look! If his images are not gut-busting, nothing is! via: boredpanda | More info: