Why you should not judge a book by its cover!

Become famous in Hollywood and you can’t go wrong ever, right? No, not so! The reality is not always what we think. It remains true that parts in the movie industry are paid extremely well if you are a celeb but, believe it or not, even they can go broke! Due to overspending and leading a life filled with excess and impulse the rich and famous are often not what you think they are. As a matter of fact they are often not wealthy at all. Scroll down the page now to see your favorite superstars! Source: worldlifestyle

50 Cent

Allen Iverson

Brendan Fraser

Chris Tucker

Courtney Love

Don Johnson

Janice Dickinson

Kim Basinger

Lindsay Lohan

MC Hammer

Mike Tyson

Nicolas Cage

OJ Simpson

Pamela Anderson

Randy Quaid

Tia Carrere

Toni Braxton

Wesley Snipes