9 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Cyprus

Cyprus is the main tourist destination located on an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This country has many great places and interesting things to enjoy for your vacation. We have selected 9 fascinating spots to give you as a guide.   More info:

1.  Larnaca, The Oldest City of Cyprus

Larnaca, which is located on the southern coast of Cyprus, is considered to be the oldest city on this island. This city allows you to do many interesting things such as widow-shopping, trying the local restaurants, seeing the popular views of the Church of St Lazarus as well as learning how to scuba dive at the local dive sites.


2. Flamingos at Salt Lake

At the beginning of each year, the Salt Lake is full of flocks of colorful pink flamingos accompanied by many other species of birds. So, this is the best time for you to go and watch birds up very close. Moreover, you can enjoy the amazing view of salt as this lake dries up in summer.


3. The Cuisine

There are many different kinds of food and lots of fresh seafood you can try such as seabass and octopus, grilled meats including lamb and pork as well as plenty of various fresh local vegetables. Halloumi, a Cypriot semi-hard, unripened brined cheese, is also popular on this island. It tastes great when it is fried or grilled.


4. Paphos City

This historic city, Paphos, is situated on the southwest coast of Cyprus. This city boasts a lot of fascinating archaeological sites: the House of Theseus, the House of Dionysos, the ancient ruins of tombs, fortresses and gorgeous mosaics within Roman villas as well as a fun waterpark and bird park.


5. Petra tou Romiou also known as Aphrodite Rock

Travelling along the main road from Pafos to Limassol will lead you to Aphrodite Rock, a famous sea stack in Cyprus. According to legend, this rock is the birthplace of Greek goddess Aphrodite, and it’s also said that true love will be found if someone swims around the rock three times.


6. The Weather

The weather of Cyprus is really nice. It’s very mild in winters and warm in hot summers. These make Cyprus such a very good place for your lovely vacation.
7. The Ancient Greek City, Kourion
If you appreciate ancient history, then Kourion is the right spot for you to visit and to find out many interesting historic things. This ancient Greek city is situated on the southwestern coast of Cyprus allowing you to see a number of magnificent buildings including Roman Theater, a Christian Basilica, fascinating villas and gorgeously made mosaic floors.
8. The Beautiful Millomeri Waterfalls
Millomeri Waterfalls with a height of about 15 meters is considered to be the biggest waterfalls in Cyprus. A few years ago, the roads to Millomeri Waterfalls was made much better and easier, so you can access to this beautiful Waterfalls via two ways, either drive right up to it or enjoy a short hike from Platres Church.
9. The Amazing Beaches of Cyprus
The beaches in Cyprus are very clean and 50 of them have been awarded the Blue Flag eco-label ( There are various beaches in Cyprus ranging from highly crowded and more popular to more isolated and silent ones depending on which type you choose to go. You can find some of the most popular beaches where sun loungers and umbrellas are available for you to hire, and there are also a number of amazing watersports for you to choose and try out.