16 Stunning autumn pictures that feast the eyes

The stunning images featured in the above website are definitely a treat for the viewing eyes. The website has repeated the act that is worth for the second watch. The images offer benefits to the viewers in order to guess the right season for proper enjoyment. A close watch of these wonderful images indicates the right exposure, and the perfect white balance settings of the cameras deployed by the photographers. Most importantly, the images shown were captured   in the right amount of light in order to appear with natural color. As the days are shorter during the autumn, the photographers have selected the right time to capture these marvelous landscapes.

1. Northern Italy

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 1

2. Portland, Oregon

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 2

3. Highlands of Scotland

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 3

4. Snake River, Wyoming

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 4

5. Kyoto, Japan

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 5

6. Aspen, Colorado

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 6

7. Llanrwst, Wales

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 7

8. Central Park, New York

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 8

9. Sandnes, Norway

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 9

10. Swiss Alps

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 10

11. Otago, New Zealand

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 11

12. Denali National Park, Alaska

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 12

13. Vermont

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 13

14. Asturias, Spain

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 15

15. Seattle, Washington

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 16

16. Shawnee National Forest Illinois

autumn_is_such_a_beautiful_season 17

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen